Dundee City Council - Changing for the Future Programme

Changing for the Future Programme - Communication Strategy Group

Dundee City Council, in the process of developing a communication strategy as part of their Changing for the Future Programme, wanted input from current research findings as they were particularly looking at the digital expectations of their customers. 

Marianne Dee as a representative of  BESiDE was asked to join the group to make a contribution following her previous experience with both the SiDE and BESiDE projects on the accessibility, usefulness and usability of digital communication products and services for older adults.

This input focused on the need to consider the digitally excluded who may be disenfranchised through lack of access, skill or low income. The issue of sustainability and the complexity of constant upgrades, new applications and the need to develop support services for those with no or little access to new technologies including consideration of suppport in community centres, libraries, care homes, hospitals and free wifi in public buildings.


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