• Making Christmas decorations for resident's rooms or as gifts for friends and family.
  • One resident's collection of festive creations
  • A Christmas gift for a care home neighbour

Christmas Crafting with Care Home Residents

The design team have been newly introduced to residents at another local care home working with BESiDE project who are interested in participating in our co-design activity and data collection studies.

As an introductory activity, the design team hosted a Christmas Crafting event in the care home lounge a week before Christmas. Residents were invited to make and decorate Christmas cards and ornaments using festive arts and crafts materials. The design team also brought mince pies and cake to amp up the festive atmosphere.

Residents made a range of Christmas creations to decorate their rooms with or gift to relatives and friends.

“I can send the card to my sister and this deer would look fine hanging up.”-Participant in reflection of her Christmas creations


“I’m making this for my friend who I’ve met since moving here to stay. It’s nice to make something personal.”-Resident on creating personalised crafted gifts

There was a great ‘buzz’ around this activity, with many members of staff taking time to make and support residents in working with their Christmas materials. The activity was a great ice breaker enabling residents and designers to build rapport and begin to get to know one another and offered the design team opportunity to introduce their work and ideas to the wider resident group through ensuing conversation. Participating residents told us that they liked the premise of our research and, having enjoyed making their festive artifacts, would be interested in sharing their knowledge and experience with the project and in taking part in future design activities.

The design team are collaborating with the care home activity coordinators to arrange a follow up co-design event whereby residents might design and decorate wearables in their style as part of the larger BESiDE study.


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