SICSA Women in Computing Research WICR-2016

Computing For Humans

SICSA Women in Computing Research (WICR-2016) is the 4th event in the series to be supported by the SICSA modelling and abstraction theme. This is a research and networking event, with focus on engaging with funders and developing research leadership skills. WICR-2016 provides a valuable forum for women to share ideas and benefit from topics that are particularly relevant and tailored to their interest. This year WICR is hosted by  in its Queen Mother Building, on the 19th February 2016.

Historically, computing has been envisioned as a way of augmenting human abilities. Nowhere is such a computing goal more evident than in the field of accessibility where we seek to create devices and software to address needs of people who through age or disability face exclusion from full societal participation. In creating accessible technology and novel accessibility tools, research has not only facilitated digital interactions and quality of life needs for many, but also has served to advance the field of computing more generally. The needs of diverse users can and should inform research considerations not only for accessibility specialists, but also more broadly for all who seek to drive the uptake of technology.


Event Details
  • A Scientific Meeting (conference, seminar etc.)
Location Details
Queen Mother Building

Balfour Street
United Kingdom

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