Dundee Design Festival

Dundee Design Festival

Designing Better Care Homes

How can architects and designers change the way we spend our old age?

What would you want and NEED if you lived in a care home? – with ground-breaking methods of investigation, the BESiDE project from the University of Dundee are influencing the design of care homes of the future. How easily can you move around, how comfortable is the space, is privacy more important than being connected – and would a dog or your own front door make all the difference?

Dr Lesley McIntyre from the BESiDE project delivered a fast, informative talk on how design has the potential to change the way we spend our old age – and how change can be delivered sooner and better. This was followed by an engaged discussion with the audience on how to motivate change and the barriers faced.


Event Details
  • A Talk
Location Details
West Ward Works

Guthrie Street
United Kingdom

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