Parliament Week 2015

#DoDemocracy Goldsmith: A Changemaker

As part of ( a programme of events and activities that connects people across the UK with Parliament and democracy) Lesley McIntyre was asked to contribute some of her research on  to be included in a quiz focused on campaigners who were successful change-makers. This event took place over 14th-20th November 2015.

The idea behind the quiz was to use examples of change-makers from the past and present to inspire people to get involved with Parliament today. People got involved by answering a series of questions and at the end of the quiz they were deemed to ‘be’ a campaigner and could share the outcome on social media.The quiz can be accessed  and if participants ended up with Goldsmith as an outcome they were directed As of Jan 2016  4% of the 2062 participants (78 people) got Goldsmith as their outcome.


Event Details
  • An Online Event
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Houses of Parliament

United Kingdom

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