Dundee Science Festival

Growing Old, Keeping Well: What You Need To Know

Professor Marion Mcmurdo presented a public talk as part of Dundee Science Festival 2014, to a full 50 seat auditorium at the Dundee Science Centre.  

Professor Marion McMurdo talked about about living better with arthritis, about managing your medicines, and about maximising your memory in later life.  An experienced hospital consultant specialising in the Medicine of Old Age and head of Ageing and Health at Dundee University, Professor McMurdo gave an informal, interactive talk. 

The talk was followed by a lively 35 minute Q&A session. Questions were wide-ranging including for example why long-term memory seems better than short as we get older, the place for herbal supplements on managing osteoarthritis (no evidence to support this), and how to respond to someone with memory impairment who is repetitive, but oblivious to this (don’t keep correcting).

The questions were of a standard I would welcome more often from junior medical undergraduates. - Marion McMurdo



Event Details
  • A Talk
Location Details
Dundee Science Centre

14 Greenmarket
United Kingdom

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