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Inspired wearables: tapping into hobbies and favourite holidays

BESiDE designers met with a new group of residents to lay out their design ideas and interpretations of engaging wearable carriers for the location logging technology. Residents were invited to the session in advance by cards in the post, having been identified as willing and able to participate by care home staff and designers in a previous and informal visit. The invitation cards described the design activity and suggested that residents might like to bring ‘inspirational objects’ with them to aid their design ideation. A small group of residents took part in this session, bringing holiday t-shirts, photographs and paintings of their own as their inspiration. Incorporating residents’ personal items into the design process in this way helped create a good rapport and encouraged confidence in the group discussion as they shared stories about their lives, families and hobbies. The designers used activity sheets to gather notes about the things that inspired the residents, things that they value and any skills and hobbies that might contribute to the style or aesthetic of their wearable.

The residents outlined preferred fabrics, styles and inspirational materials to inform their design development. One participant chose fabrics with prints of trees and in purples, ochres and greens in direct reflection of a painting she had done of a local forest and brought to the session as her inspiration. Another participant wanted to reflect the ‘sense of vibrancy’ of a holiday t-shirt by choosing bright yellows and oranges as colours to take forward in the design of his wearable.  The session was fun, lively and hugely informative with both residents and designers sharing stories and ideas for future sessions. The BESiDE team are currently collating new materials and generating samples from these ideas to take back for a second workshop.


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