The British Society of Gerontology 45th Annual Conference

Researching Design for Wellbeing: Ageing and mobility in the built environment

Marianne Dee presented for Prof. Vicki Hanson as part of a Lifelong Health and Wellbeing (LLHW) symposium at the British Society of Gerontology's Annual Conference. Marianne presented BESiDE research findings alongside our LLHW sister projects: Cycle Boom, Mobility, Mood and Place and MyPLACE.  These LLHW projects, including BESiDE, use various methods to investigate how the design of the built environment can facilitate and enable the mobility, physical activity, and connectivity of older people.

Marianne presented her methodological approach for engaging with care home residents and some of the early  findings emerging from the work.  Her presentation aimed to underline the importance of hearing from people who actually experience care home life. Her initial findings  include potential implications for the design of residential care settings for older adults in the future. The presentation was following a long history of ethnographic studies that aim to highlight the voice of service users rather then the professionals who work with them. 

Title of Symposium: Researching Design for Wellbeing: Ageing and mobility in the built environment.Time and Place: BSG Annual Conference 2016. Day 2: 7th July 2016. Parallel Session 3: 09:30 - 11:00.  Stream 3: MAITLAND

The British Society of Gerontology is an interdisciplinary learned society interested in the situations of older people, and in how knowledge about ageing and later life can be enhanced and improved.  Their annual conference expects to bring together over 300 delegates from a range of backgrounds. We will contribute to a growing interdisciplinary debate, brought together by BSG, to address the demands of Ageing.  

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