Translating mood boards into design concepts

The BESiDE designers revisited the care home residents they have been working with to develop aesthetic design constraints for wearable carriers by using mood boards to refine their design direction.  

In this visit, the designers worked with a resident who had outlined her design ideas in the previous session, to critique her new prototype wearable which had been constructed in the interim between the design visits. Made from a tartan that reminded her of the kilt she used to wear for highland dancing, lined with a bold red velvet (because she liked the colour and texture) and finished with a red bow on the front, this wearable carrier reflects this residents’ personhood, personality and is made in colours that will match with her usual daily wardrobe.

This resident told us that she was pleased with the way the fabrics had ‘come together’ and thought that it was a nice overall design. During their discussion about her design, the designers also showed her various strap styles/ways for wearing the carrier design by using other example pouches and images. Choosing a thin red strapping from the materials provided to match the red bow of her design, the resident has requested that a mid length strap bed added to her design so that her design can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. The strap will be added to the pouch in advance of the designer’s next visit for the resident to test and critique.

This visit was also an opportunity to refine design direction with other residents who were inspired by the progress made by this resident; using her mood board and developing prototype design as an example of how residents might translate their interests into a design concept encouraged the other residents to identify fabrics and design features of their own. Designs featuring family tartans, prints of artworks made by residents and tweeds reminiscent of those worn by residents in their younger years will be used to create a new set of carriers that will be further refined and tested during the next visit.


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