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Voices from Care Homes: Gathering evidence for better building design

Dr Lesley Mcintyre gave a public talk as part of the Dundee Cafe Science Series.  

We are living in an ageing world. This creates lots of design challenges for architects and designers if they are to design a supportive environment. This is really important in Care Home Environments.

How can the design of care homes better support older adults in maintaining their wellbeing, independence, mobility and quality of life? What would you want and need if you lived in a care home? WiFi, natural light and colour, privacy, your own front door? Understanding how to create such environments remains a key challenge.

Dr Lesley McIntyre from the University of Dundee is carrying out research to tackle this challenge.  She is giving a voice to the users, measuring physical activity, and tracing and modelling movement within care homes to generate evidence of what is needed in the future of care home design.

In this talk Lesley explained how she is collecting this evidence. She gave an overview of findings and discussed plans of how this new knowledge will be disseminated into design practice. 

This was followed by supportive and extensive question and answer session from a very engaged audience.  

The University of Dundee published a press release to mark the Voices from Care Homes Event.  This was picked up by several outlets including STV and The Academic Health Science Partnership.


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  • A Talk
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Avery & Co

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