Baseline Measure of Physical Activity among Care-Home Residents Captured

19 Residents from 8 Care Homes wore the GENEActiv accelerometer (a wrist-worn watch like device) for periods of up to 7 days in the daytime. Together they provided valuable information on their levels of physical activity over 124 days, giving 1300 hours of recorded data.

As expected, there was a wide variation in how active residents were. On average participants were sedentary (sitting or lying down) for 76 % of the day, and the median participant spent 6 minutes a day in moderate activity. On average moderate physical activity occurred in bouts of 1.3 minutes and there was no evidence of moderate activity lasting for more than 15 minutes.

BESiDE is now pursuing the collection of physical activity data concurrently with other data including location within the home, level of social interaction and environmental conditions. Read more about our tracing and modelling work here.

In light of recent research which suggests that even light physical activity is associated with important health benefits and reductions in future disability, pursuing novel ways of encouraging residents and adapting the design of the Care Home to encourage this will be important in the future.

Thank you to the homes that participated and to the staff for being so welcoming, but mostly, thank you to the inspirational residents that took part in the project, it was a pleasure to spend time with you.