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Platform for data analysis within BESiDE

Within BESiDE, researchers are using a workflow based approach to analyse the data collected from the sensing devices deployed in the care homes. Accelerometers are being used to measure the physical activity of individual participants within multiple care homes. The participants from the care homes are provided with accelerometers and data is being collected from registered participants across various care homes.

Scientific workflows are used to analyse the collected data. The data analysis of the activities within the care homes are encapsulated as an autonomous task, represented in blocks.  The workflows are executed in an user friendly interface designed within the system called e-Science Central. e-Science Central provides a cloud based platform for data storage and analysis which can be both deployed on premise or in public cloud computing infrastructure such as Amazon AWS or Windows Azure. The platform allows researchers to store and catalogue data, and create and execute workflows to analyse the data in a scalable fashion. The results obtained from the workflows are shared in a secure manner to initiate collaboration between multiple researchers.

Various analytic routines are currently being developed by the researchers to mine and explore the data collected in the care homes. The results are used to measure physical activities of the participants.

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