Mr Alistair Hodgson

Advisory Board Member

I have worked in a joint post across the Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare and the Joint Improvement Team since 2012. My main responsibilities include leading on policy within the Scottish Government for telehealth and telecare. I work on Strategic Commissioning and Reshaping Care for Older People, in particular. This encompasses health, care, housing and wellbeing in Scotland. Prior to taking up this role, I worked in a number of positions in the Scottish Government, and I have a background in both Law and International Relations.

I am particularly interested in how technology - both existing and new - can be effectively and appropriately targeted to support individuals (users, carers and professionals). This includes utilising familiar technology in new ways, and co-producing and co-creating development of new technologies with residents/tenants/citizens. No less important is the ability of staff to effectively - and confidently - use technology as part of their day-to-day working.

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Policy lead for telehealth and telecare within the Scottish Government
Joint Improvement Team