Mr Barry Hodgson

Advisory Board Chair

I am the Research Manager at the SiDE Digital Economy Research Hub. My background is in business management, particularly relating to the management of innovative software development. I hold a BA(Hons) in International Business Management, from the University of Newcastle and the Graduate School of Business – Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Grenoble, France and an MBA with Distinction from Newcastle University. I was previously a Director at Arjuna Technologies Ltd where I was responsible for business operations, finance, investor relations, and information services. Arjuna is a prime example of gaining impact from University research. It began as a University spin-off based on software developed under various research grants, was acquired first by Hewlett-Packard and later, the core technology was acquired by Red Hat Inc. - where the Arjuna transaction service is a core part of the JBoss middleware stack. In this role, my interest lies in developing research outcomes that can have similar impacts in the real-world - harnessing the expertise and networks of the Advisory Board to accelerate that.

BESiDE offers a unique insight into how residents, their families and care providers actually use the spaces within care home environments and, more importantly, why they use them. By gaining a rich understanding of the benefits and problems associated with care home design this research can help to inform a broad range of stakeholders about changes that can help to improve the experience and well-being of residents.

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Research Hub Manager
Newcastle University