Susan Castle

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I am a member of Senior Management with the Care Inspectorate and have extensive experience working within the regulation of care in Scotland. My particular area of interest is older people's services and specifically dementia care. My current role involves working with a range of stakeholders to ensure the quality of care for older people continuously improves, evolves and adapts to support innovative approaches and deliver positive outcomes for older people. I represent the Care Inspectorate on the IRISS Fit for the Future Steering Group working with a range of stakeholders to ensure services support the delivery of inspiring outcomes for older people. I also represent the Care Inspectorate on key Scottish Government and Policy Groups including: the National Coalition on Health Care Review and Procurement Development Group for Older People's Development Group and the Reshaping Care for Older Peoples Improvement and Support Group.

Buildings play a crucial part in how we feel about ourselves and our quality of life. This is no less important in care home settings where the environment should not only support older people to retain their individuality, abilities and control over their lives, but also stay connected with, and be part of, the community and the relationships that are important to them. The design of buildings should not be restrictive, but rather therapeutic. The BESiDE project provides an exciting opportunity to realise these ambitions for older people and to influence the design of care homes so that individuals feel in control of their lives, future and their environment.

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Head of Inspection Older People's Services
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