Spotlight on BESiDE Research Assistant: Sara Nevay

Source: University of Dundee Website
Link: Spotlight Article

Sara is a Research Assistant within the BESiDE  project team.   She is a trained textile designer with a Masters in Design for Services from University of Dundee. She combines the skills of crafting by hand and service design methodologies, to identify and address design problems with people who use, deliver and commission services.

“BESiDE looks at the built environment and the ways that it can enable and disable older adults. We do this by working with architects and designers to develop tools to meet the needs of elderly people.

“My role relates to the co-design nature of this project. Co-design involves designers and non-designers collaborating to create an object that meets the needs of specific stakeholders. In this case the stakeholders are older adults, who will be involved in the project from start to finish.

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