Working Notes of the 2nd Argumentation Mining Workshop, ACL'2015 , Denver

Combining Argument Mining Techniques

In this paper, we look at three different methods of extracting the argumentative structure from a piece of natural language text. These methods cover linguistic features, changes in the topic being discussed and a supervised machine learning approach to identify the components of argumentation schemes, patterns of human reasoning which have been detailed extensively in philosophy and psychology. For each of these approaches we achieve results comparable to those previously reported, whilst at the same time achieving a more detailed argument structure. Finally, we use the results from these individual techniques to apply them in combination, further improving the argument structure identification.

Lawrence, J. & Reed, C.A. (2015) "Combining Argument Mining Techniques" in Working Notes of the 2nd Argumentation Mining Workshop, ACL'2015. Association for Computational Linguistics , Denver, CO, USA. pp127-136.