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'Just passing through': research in care homes

There has been a huge growth in the amount of research being done in residential care homes for older people with formal care needs. A care home has an unusual dual environment being both a workplace and a communal home for a number of adults. Navigating the norms and mores of the workplace while maintaining the etiquette of visiting in someone’s home creates some serious challenges for researchers. This paper highlights the issues with a view to offering some initial suggestions to encourage more HCI researchers to bring their skills to this challenging field of work. → Care homes are unique environments where workplace and home operate in tandem under one roof, presenting challenges for researchers. → Reflective practice proved inordinately helpful in ameliorating the emotional challenges of such research. → Long-term engagement with residents in a volunteer capacity or through social visits can facilitate research encounters.

Dee, M. and Hanson, V.L. 2016. 'Just passing through': research in care homes. interactions 23, 5 (August 2016), 58-61. DOI: