beside impact workshop activities

Enabling Environments Community Challenge

Changes in population demographics and a growing number of care homes, have resulted in economic, health and ethical considerations that demand attention. We need effective means of creating enabling built environments that provide our older adults with healthy and socially fulfilling lives.

However, there is a lack of an evidence-based body of knowledge for built environments professionals (BEP) to design for wellbeing, and few research methods tailored to assess design impact.

To address these challenges, we assembled a community of stakeholders including academics, social and health practitioners, BEP and policy makers to bring their expertise to the question of how we create enabling and health promoting environments. Using a series of activities with stakeholders we scoped the barriers and challenges to creating such environments.

BESiDE harnesses the recent advances in wearable technology and ubiquitous sensing that enable individuals to track and monitor various aspects of their daily routines. We believe datasets that can relate readings from such sensors, when related to the building context, could be key in enabling our understanding about how the design of the built environment affects healthy living.